The unique artistry of Bobby Michelson embodies the bold contrasts of both traditional and contemporary styles into signature, one-of-a-kind furnishings.   His repertoire encompasses a wide range of custom pieces in numerous forms and applications.  

   Mr. Michelson has mastered the expert techniques of woodworking and combined this skill with an artist's imagination to create a body of work which stands alone in American and Southern craftsmanship.   In his unique pieces, one can see the subtle combination of influences that shaped his artistry.   The result is a custom furniture piece that is as beautiful as it is functional -- a unique melding of the artisan's ability and critical eye with the personality and style of the maker.

   Mr. Michelson draws upon the very contours and grains of the fine woods he uses to develop and produce each piece.   The natural tones and characteristics of the wood, whether exotic or domestic, contribute to the character of the piece.   The effect is one of dazzling beauty and versatility -- a unique work of art that blends the strength and fluidity of nature with the cultured imagination.

  Born and raised in Montgomery, Alabama, Bobby Michelson has spent his career perfecting the techniques of fine woodworking and using them to evoke the charm and beauty of the South.   He gained his first exposure to woodworking in junior high school where he discovered a strong gift for the craft.   After graduating with a business degree from the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa, he returned to his first love of working with wood and in 1984 established Ramwood Furniture for the design and crafting of custom furnishings.   Since that time Mr. Michelson has developed a reputation as a dedicated artisan with a gift for expressing the beauty and elegance of Southern craftsmanship through both traditional and contemporary styles.   Numerous awards and accolades reflect the care, precision and talent, which go into each original work of art.