Art Shows

           Canton Museum National Art Show     Canton, Ohio    2011

           Northern Virginia Fine Arts Festival     Reston,  Virginia    2007-2009, 2011

           4 Bridges Arts Festival       Chattanooga, Tennessee     2007-2011

           Disney Festival of the Masters      Orlando, Florida    2005

           Florida Craftsmen CraftArt     Saint Petersburg, Florida     2004-2005

           Winter Park Sidewalk Art Festival      Orlando, Florida    2003-2005

           Philadelphia Furniture and Furnishings Show       Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 2002-2005

           Ann Arbor National Art Show    Ann Arbor, Michigan     2003

           57th Street Art Fair           Chicago, Illinois      2002-2003  

           Woodland Arts Fair            Lexington, Kentucky        2000, 2001, 2003

           State Street Art Fair         Ann Arbor, Michigan      2000

           BostonMills ArtFest          Peninsula, Ohio    2000 - 2008,2010

           Summerfair                        Cincinnati, Ohio    2000, 2001

           American Craft Council Show      Atlanta, Georgia      2001, 2006, 2008-2011

           American Craft Council Show      Charlotte, North Carolina    1999 - 2001

           The Craft Fair of the Southern Highlands      Asheville, North Carolina 1999- 2002

           Cherry Creek Arts Festival        Denver , Colorado    1999 , 2001

           Columbus Arts Festival               Columbus , Ohio    1999

           Eastern Shore Art Association       Fairhope , Alabama    1999 - 2000

           Atlanta Dogwood Festival           Atlanta , Georgia    1999

           Mainsail Arts Festival       St . Petersburg , Florida    1999   - 2000
           TACA Fall Crafts Fair      Nashville, Tennessee    1998 - 2000

           TACA Celebration of Fine Crafts       Chattanooga , Tennessee    1998

           Kentuck Festival of the Arts       Northport , Alabama    1984   - 1999

           Magic City Art Connection       Birmingham , Alabama    1985   - 1998

           Alabama Designer/Craftsmen- Hands at Work      Birmingham ,Alabama  1986-  


           Alabama Designer/Craftsmen Library Show       Birmingham , Alabama 1996

           City Stages - Alabama Sampler Crafts       Birmingham , Alabama   1990,1995-  1998

            Blue Light Special Art Show       Mountain Brook , Alabama 1986, 1992-1998, 2003

            ArtWalk        Birmingham, Alabama    1993, 1995, 2006-2008

            Panoply         Huntsville, Alabama    1989 - 1991

            Festival in the Park       Montgomery, Alabama    1989 - 1991

           Alabama Woodworkers Guild       Birmingham, Alabama    1984 - 1985

           Sac's Gallery Christmas Gala      Montgomery, Alabama    1985

           Greater Gulf Coast Arts Festival      Pensacola, Florida    1981


Individual Artist Fellowship    
Alabama State Council on the Arts   2000

Best of Show          Canton Museum National Art Show    2011        

Best of Show          Woodland Arts Fair    2003
Best of Show          Kentuck Festival of the Arts    1988
Best of Show          Alabama Designer/Craftsmen Spring Gallery Show   1986, 1989         

Best of Show          Sac's Gallery Christmas Gala    1985
Best of Show          Alabama Woodworkers Guild    1984
Woodlands Award        Woodland Arts Fair   2001

Award of Excellence      Florida Craftsmen CraftArt  2005
Award of Excellence            Mainsail Art Festival    1999

Award of Distinction            Eastern Shore Chamber of Commerce Art Festival    2000

First Prize            4 Bridges Arts Festival     2007, 2008

First Prize           Winterpark Sidewalk Art Festival      2004, 2005
First Prize            BostonMills Artfest    2000, 2003, 2005

       First Prize            Summerfair    2000

       First Prize            Eastern Shore Art Association     1999

       First Prize            Festival in the Park    1991

       First Prize            Alabama Designer/Craftsmen Spring Gallery Show                                         1989

       First Prize            Festival in the Park    1989

       First Prize            Southside Festival Spring Show    1988

       First Prize            Alabama Designer/Craftsmen Spring Gallery Show                                        1987

       First Prize            Greater Gulf Coasts Art Festival    1981

       Second Prize        Alabama Woodworkers Guild    1985

       Merit Award         Winter Park Sidewalk Art Festival  2003

       Merit Award         Mainsail Art Festival    2000

       Merit Award         Kentuck Festival    1989, 1990, 1994

       Merit Award         Magic City Art Connection   1994

       Merit Award         Panoply    1988, 1989

       Honorary Award         Magic City Art Connection   1989

       Honorary Award         Alabama Designer/Craftsmen Spring Gallery Show 1988

       Honorable Mention      Boston Mills Artfest  2006

       Honorable Mention      Alabama Woodworkers Guild    1985

       Purchase Award         Magic City Art Connection    1986, 1987, 1992, 1993, 1996

       Purchase Award          Panoply    1990

       Gold Medal              Welcome the World Storefront Design Competition    1996


           Finding Form Tennessee Valley Museum of Art   2010

           Celebrating Contemporary Art in Alabama - The Nature of Being Southern Troy, Alabama  Montgomery, Alabama    2009-2010

           Coleman Center for Arts and Culture York, Alabama   2008

           Alabama Originals: Contemporary Craft Montgomery, Alabama   2007

           Furniture Society Members Gallery Indianapolis, Indiana  2006

           Just Use It, Contemporary Craft Expressions  Montgomery, Alabama  Gadsden, Alabama  2005

           Featured Artist Allanstand Craft Shop, Southern Highlands Craft Guild Feb.-Mar. 2005

           Furniture 2002 Members Gallery  Madison, Wisconsin

           Furniture Makers of the Southern Highland Craft Guild 2002 Asheville, N.C.

           A Mark in Time: Masterworks of Contemporary Alabama Craft 2000

           New Members Exhibition Southern Highlands Craft Guild    1999

           Alabama Crafts Forms of Function and Vision    1996

           Continuity and Innovation A Crafts Journey in Alabama    1994

           Spring Gallery Show Alabama Designer/Craftsmen    1986 to 1994

           Alabama Crafts Focus on Furniture    1988

           Artist Showcase Alabama State Council on the Arts    1987

           Alabama Crafts Invitational Kentuck Museum       1985

           Alabama Woodworkers Guild Annual Show    1984; 1985


        Furniture 2006: Collision at the Crossroads-Contact, Fusion, and Other Happy                               Acxidents         Furniture Society      2006

Panelist for the Selection of Individual Artist Fellowships, Alabama State Council on the Arts    2004, 2008, 2009       
Jury of Selection Member  Boston Mills Artfest     2003
Furniture 2002: Prairie Roots- Progressive  Thoughts       Furniture Society     2002
Alabama Craft Conference/2000   Alabama State Council on    the Arts    2000

        The Circle Unbroken: Continuity and Innovation in Studio Furniture      Furniture  Society          1999

         Making It in the New Millennium: A Craft Survival Guide American Craft Council    1998

         Alabama Woodworkers Guild   Retrospective Slide Presentation      1995, 1998

         Alabama Woodworkers Guild Annual Show Judge    1995

         Furniture 97: A Celebration of the Art of Furniture Making Furniture Society    1997

         Alabama Crafts Conference '96 Alabama State Council on the Arts  1996

         Workshop on Bent Laminations Highland Hardware - Atlanta, Georgia 1992

         Financing the Future of the Arts in Alabama Alabama State Council on the Arts   1988

         Finishing and Lacquer Techniques Highland Hardware - Atlanta, Georgia   1988

         Statewide Art Conference Alabama State Council on the Arts    1987

         Carving Seminar Georgia Woodworkers Guild    1987

         Router Techniques Workshop Highland Hardware - Atlanta, Georgia    1986

         Hand Tool Jointery Workshop Highland Hardware - Atlanta, Georgia    1985

         Sharpening Hand Tools Workshop Highland Hardware - Atlanta, Georgia  1984